Ok, I failed my February challenge.  To be honest, I’m glad to be done with that.  I was stressing out over something so silly.  I was utterly stumped at the photo challenge for the 24th.  You see, I have no cabinets in my bathroom.  Don’t ask me why.  The house came without and we just got used to it…

Anyway, it’s a new month and  I wanted to share some happenings here at Chez Mango. 

Danny’s sister Rose and her daughter Desi were here last weekend.  Desi had a volleyball visit to a college in Lexington KY.  Rose wanted to see us so they flew into Nashville Thursday night and we all drove to Lexington on Friday.  It was snowing there.  Yuck.  The kids had fun.  The hotel had an indoor swimming pool. Their visit was good, but as always, too short….

On our way back from Lexington, we visited the Clarksville crew, Uncle Kris, Aunty Michelle and Stacie!  We hung out for a couple of hours then headed home. 

We will see them again at Ty’s graduation.  🙂