Thanksgiving this year was at Mom’s again.  Mom made the turkey and I prepared the sides and meatloaf.  It was all so delicious!  Lloyda, Beto and baby Sofia made it to our feast, as well as Gordon and Leigh-Ellen!  I love Thanksgiving.  We played pool, took pictures, played with the baby, and just enjoyed each others’ company.  Jim had to work at 2:00, so he left at 1:30, Ty and Leigh left at 2:30 for a 3:00 dinner with her family.  The rest of us stayed and just hung out.  Ready for some pics?

On a somber note, Mt. Juliet lost their game Friday night.  😦  It was a packed house and we got there early to save seats and a lot of the family showed up (at least 20!).  It was an emotional night for us (Danny and me).  It was Ty’s last game on that field, and it had to end with a loss.  A bad one.  The final score was 44-10.  Tyler seems okay with it all.  He left it all on the field.  My boy played his heart out.  The announcer must have said his name 15 times.   I REALLY wanted a win for him.  But life goes on.  And we learn valuable lessons from situations like these.  He’s grown up a lot.  I can tell by the way he came off the field and all the things he said after the game.  One big thing that stuck to me was him saying the he felt bad only because he broke his promise to Bubba.  I told him not to feel bad about that.  According to Bubba and me, Ty did fulfull his promise.  He did his best, the rest was out of his control.  He is such a good big brother……

Anyway, on to some pics of the some family in attendance. 

The troublemakers: Sulu and Joleen

Eli and Josh. Growing up too fast.

You can see how crowded the place was in those pics.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill and had NOTHING to do with Black Friday.  Like laundry, movie-watching, cuddling with the kids, knitting, reading, Christmas decorating (yes! I have the tree up!), sleeping, eating, and just hanging out.  My kind of weekend.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  I hope you got to do the things you love 🙂