It’s that time of year again.  Prom.  Pretty girls in pretty dresses and boys all cleaned up walking around town. 

My Ty was one of them.  Since he has a girlfriend now (going on TWO months), he was guaranteed to go (even if he didn’t want to, heheh).  His gf, Leigh-Ellen, had a whole afternoon planned for some pre-Prom activities.  First, was a photo shoot with a professional photographer and I was going to tag along to play with my new camera.

Wanna see?

Aren’t they just precious?  I could eat them both up.  Her dress was amazing and she was glowing.  My son looks so grown and handsome.  I’m surprised I didn’t cry with all the emotions I was having seeing them like this.  Time is flying by isn’t it?

Anyway, these were taken by the photographer friend of Mel’s (the cute blond in some of these pics). 

Click to biggie.  There are so many pics to choose from.  The photographer did an awesome job.

Prom night was a blast according to Ty.  All four of them spent the night at Mel’s.  Don’t worry, Mel’s mama made sure they slept in separate rooms 😉

I can’t believe Ty’s going to be a Senior in a few short months.


Next up, some prom highlight pics and candids 🙂

My favorites.