So last night Ty’s football team held a lift-a-thon to fundraise for their equipment for next season.  It’s their sole fundraiser every year.  Here’s a video from last night:

This is called “power clean” and this was his max of 275.  Whoa.  He certainly did not get this strength from me.  Yikes

The evening was a success and according to the announcer, the whole team raised over $43,000 in total.  They passed their goal for the year.  Awesome.  They had incentives too, for each student.  If one player raises $200 he receives new Nike cleats, for $300, he gets cleats and a sweatsuit, and for $400 he gets the two items AND a letterman jacket.  Since it is Ty’s last lift-a-thon (he will be a senior next year) we really wanted him to get a letterman jacket.  DH took the paperwork to his job and raised half of that amount from donations from his co-workers. What a good daddy.

Anyway, it was a bittersweet night last night as I watched my baby lift those huge weights.  Mainly because it is his last fundraiser for high school, and also because he looks so grown up to me.  I can’t believe he only has one year left in high school.  sigh…..

Daddy and his boys after the lift-a-thon.

Anyhoo, this weekend DH is working and the forecast says rain, rain, and more rain.  I guess me and the kiddos will be home watching movies and hanging out. 

I’ll try to start (and complete) my painting project for the downstairs bathroom.  We shall see….

Have a great weekend, all!