6:20 am – After hitting the snooze button once (or 4 times), I’m up getting ready. Coffee, check.  Keys, check. Purse, check. Cellphone, check. Zune, check.  Knitting bag, check. shoes, check. Kiss the little ones and out the door I go.

6:56 am – In the car with the oldest kiddo. I drop him off every morning to Jill’s house since school doesn’t start until 8.


7:20 am – In traffic, this particular morning was very foggy.  Every morning I talk to my DH while in traffic.  It makes the drive much more bearable and the day more sweet.


8:00 am – Work.  This is my new ergonomic keyboard.  Isn’t she pretty?

12:00 pm – lunch with Herbert and Antoinette in the park across the street.  This is the retro-tastic tile they have in the Arts building where we eat lunch.

2:30 pm – Mail and money run and hangout with my girls upstairs.  This is “Red”  (Legal name Holly).


4:35 pm  –  In evening traffic headed home.  That’s what’s locally known as the “”Batman” building.  It is the AT&T offices.  But “Batman” sounds way cooler, no?

5:15 pm – Pick up oldest kid from a friend’s house.

5:30 pm – Home

6:30 pm – Dinner then family time, 


cuddling with kids,


Knitting and Glee 🙂


9:00 pm – Bedtime for Bubs and Nacho.

10:00 pm – DH leaves for work.

12:00 am – In bed.