It’s wintery cold here in Tennessee today.  We’ve had some snow these last two days.  It’s a high of 30 today and tonight we will be in the teens.  This is Christmas weather ya’ll.

This past weekend my DH worked so the kids and I spent most of the time at home.  I did get out for a bit with my mama to go to the Goodwill first Saturday sale.  I was looking for some more ornaments for our poor tree.  The ornaments from last year had broken in the storage bin.  So our tree was sparse when we first decorated it on Thanksgiving weekend. 

I found some inexpensive sets at Wally-world and made our tree brighter.  See?


The kids helped out and they are so proud of our tree.  Something about Christmas and all the decorations put people in a good mood.  At least in my house it does.


I am mailing out my Christmas cards today and tomorrow.  We have 18 days until Christmas.  This year feels like it flew by, didn’t it?

Any big plans for Christmas in your house?