Winter here makes me homesick.  Homesick for the warm breezy carefree days in Samoa.  A little piece of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It seems so far away and so long ago. 

It’s chilly outside today, so I thought I’d come by and share some island music with you…

This Lullaby song is alot similar to the Samoan version (Moe moe pepe..tumutumu’o laau), but sung in Maori (the native language of the New Zealand islands)…very beautiful and sweet! Sung by New Zealand’s artist, Tiki Taane.

I saw this video a few months ago.  It reminds me of Criss Cross but a Polynesian/Island version.  So cute.

I love this song right now…

And this one…

Beautiful backgrounds in this video.  Ahhh, the beach…..

No matter where I go, I’ll always be an island girl. 

Have a great weekend!