1. Watched Ty and the team play the first round in the playoffs against McGavock.  We won 56-28.  This was taken right after the game.  Both teams prayed together. 🙂

2. Took Mom to the Greyhound station after the game Friday night.  It was a very good visit with her.  The kids enjoyed having her here and kept refering to her as “the other grandma”.  So cute.

3.  Bubba and Nate were playing their playoff game too.  This one was the final round to Championship.  Their games overlapped, so I went to Nate’s in Goodlettsville with Lai.  It was a nail-biter.  Our little guys played their hearts out and pulled out a win in the last 2 minutes of the game.  Final score 26-19.  Bubba also won his game.   WOOHOOO  All three boys won this weekend!!!!

4. A few of the boys from Bubba’s team spent the night Saturday night.  We took them to the lake for a little bit on Sunday before DH and Coach Sherman had to go to the coach’s meeting.

5. I took the boys home (Tyler watched all 5 boys) and went to Nicole’s baby shower with Lai.  She’s a knitting friend of mine and is due with her first baby (a boy)  December 20.

6.  Got home about the same time as Danny and watched “When In Rome” with the family.  Then gave this guy a haircut.  Boy, did he need it!

I’ll post an after pic when he fixes it.  We were in a rush this morning….

It was cold and cloudy all weekend.  The weather will be warming up some this coming week.  Being out there watching our boys play football in this cold is getting to me.  I’m not made for this type of weather.  brrr.

How was your weekend?