This picture was taken last Saturday after the Peewees won their game.  Nacho and Dirt were standing on the bleachers watching the next game. 

As I look at this photo I start to think at how fast my little people are growing.  It’s amazing how much bigger and older Nacho looks within just a few months.  I wish I could stop time sometimes so I can really enjoy my kids.  With work and just the general busy-ness of life, we let moments slip away.  Moments to cuddle, moments to laugh, moments to understand and appreciate each other.  Nacho is six now and his cute toddler years are almost completely gone.  He was an adorable baby and a very entertaining toddler.  I’ll miss those days. Now I look forward to the big boy he will become. 

Bubba’s 10 this year.  He’s almost a teenager.  He is still very affectionate and silly.  He has a great sense of humor.  I hope he keeps those qualities.  They are my favorites.  Oh, and the dancing ability’s pretty awesome too.  He is my only Asian dancer in the bunch. 

Lailai will be 5 in just four months.  She’ll start school next fall.  The last one.  😦

She is very head strong.  I will not worry about her being picked on at school.  She will not stand for it.  She won’t be bullied, but at the same time she will share whatever she has.  She is the most generous out of all my kids.  She loves to sing and will talk your ears off if you let her.  She is also very affectionate and very observant.  Oh, don’t let her get a hold of your makeup,  she’ll use it all up.  She’s a girly-girl.  Makeup, purses, nail polish, shoes, and dresses.  She loves them all. 

And last but not least, my oldest, Tyler.  He’s sixteen going on 30.  I can’t believe I have a junior in high school.  He’s doing well in school and at home.  He’s not one for confrontation and has not had much of that awful teenage rebellion I hear so much about.  I thank the good Lord above that He’s blessed me with such a sweet child.  Especially for a first born.

I miss my kids while I’m at work.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I need to hug them more and tell them how much I love them.  They need to hear it.