Check out the pics I’ve taken with the Retro Camera app on my new phone:





1. Lai showing off her HUGE lollipop at the football games Saturday. Shortly after this was taken, she dropped it and it broke into 10 pieces.  Poor baby.

2. The side of the concession stand at Hendersonville Youth Football park.  Bubba and Nate’s teams both won Saturday YAY!

3. Our table at Red Robin: our second visit in ONE week, both times to devour the Mt. Olympus burger for only $6.99!!!

4.  We had a cold front come through Tennessee.  We dipped into the low 40’s for a couple of nights.  We got a little taste of winter to come…. Today’s a high of 80 though.  😛

I’ll be back with some knitting!!!!

Happy Thursday!