Ok.  So last week I had an unfortunate situation concerning my phone.  I dropped it.  In. The. Toilet.  yeah.  yuck.

Thankfully, we were due an upgrade and I had been shopping around looking at the options I have with our current carrier.  My hubby has been singing the praises of the new HTC Ev0, but I was reluctant because I REALLY like my keyboard….  Well, after playing with it for a few minutes, I put my name on the waiting list….  About 24 hours later, I had my new phone in my hand!!!

Isn’t it pretty?  I have been playing with my new toy every chance I get. 

There are so many cool apps on the android market and so many AWESOME  features on this phone, I can hardly contain myself.

My favorite features and apps:

– 8 MegaPixel camera.  EIGHT!

– Front camera (for taking self-portraits, and group pics with you in it!)


– You can watch live TV and movies in HD!

–  A FREEKIN KICK-STAND! To watch your movies in comfort! What!

QIK : Video chat.  Need I say more.

– GAMES GALORE (Really cool FREE ones)

– And last but not least,  THE RETRO CAMERA:

I’ll post more pics I’ve taken with the Retro Camera app later.  I just wanted to share really quick with you what I’ve been doing (instead of blogging)….

Be back later!