I’ve always loved to craft and make things with my hands.  I remember making friendship  bracelets for all my friends and people I knew back in high school.  I was reminded of that when my oldest son, Tyler, came home wearing one.  It brought me back to when I would spend every spare second tying those knots, hooking them onto chair backs, toes, friends’ fingers, clipboards, and whatever else that would anchor my “work”.  My brothers would roll their eyes and avoid coming near me in fear that I would force them to hold my end so I can loop and knot, loop and knot….. 

I’m glad to see that friendship bracelets never really go out of style.  Every generation should know how to make these.  They’re fun and a very productive way to spend your time.  It promotes being crafty and having a finished product that you can be proud of.  I personally love receiving handmade gifts, and if you hand-make anything you know the time and effort (and care) that goes into hand-making a gift. 

It’s been years since I made one.  I may just start up again so I can teach my kids. 

Here Here are some links if you want to start one too:

Friendship bracelets here.

Macrame bracelet here.

If you have kids around you, this is a great way to ignite that love for crafts and art.  Every kid should be given every opportunity to learn something new and different.  You never know, they might one day grow up to be a great artist who will remember you for introducing them to the world for arts. 

Happy crafting!


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