Isn’t that awesome?

This was the front page of the Lebanon Paper Saturday morning.  The night after MJ beat Hendersonville (the guy getting tackled) 23-6…  It was a great game for MJ, esp Tyler.  We saw a glimpse of the old Tyler, the Tyler we watched in Youth football.  The guy who knocked opponents’ block off.  The kid with no fear.  Ever since his injury, he has been only a portion of himself.  I am no doctor, but I have heard that injuries, especially ones that require surgery like Ty’s, can cause some apprehension when returning to the game.  It is totally understandable.  If it were me, I would have probably quit football.  But not Ty.  He loves football, he loves playing football, he can talk football all day.  It’s his passion. It’s been a year and a half since his surgery.  He spent alot of last year on the bench recooperating. He spent most of the last season with a brace.  This year is his year.  I think after watching him last Friday, it’s safe to say that the old Tyler is back.  Bigger and better.  

You know what else?  …  He got a SACK!!!  He also made 8 tackles (solo and assisted)….  We couldn’t be prouder.

Bubs and Nate played Grassland on Saturday and both teams dominated.  Nate’s score was 34-0 US, and Bubs was 46-0 Us.  Bubba scored TWO touchdowns!  We watched the tape of the game last night and I am amazed at how FAST this kid is.  All I know is that he did not get that speed from me. ;-P

It was a winning weekend at our house.  How was your weekend?