It was a winning weekend for our boys.  The weekend kicked off with a win over Whites Creek.  45-6.  It was a massacre.  Ty played superbly and we are so proud.  Bubs and Nacho played Brentwood in their home field and won.  Nacho (34-0) and Bubs (13-7).  Daddy is a happy man.

Yesterday we slept in but we were out the door again at noon for some football gear necessities and our weekly food shopping.

I’m pooped this morning.  I awoke to Danny standing next to the bed telling me that he got hurt at work.  Poor guy has 5 stitches on his head.  He hit something while driving a tow-motor and hit his head on the bar.  It was gushing blood, so a coworker drove him to the ER where they fix him up and even did a catscan.  According to the tech, he did not suffer a concussion.  Thank God.  He is home resting now.  😦

Today I feel like this:

How was your weekend?