It was hot hot hot here this past weekend.  We had 3 football games to attend and I spent the entire time under the shade of trees.  And I still got a tan. 

The boys (Nate and Bubba) played their games like champs.  Nacho came out maybe once during his game and Bubba played his whole game.  He (Bubs) even scored a touchdown.  Unfortunately, no one was able to catch that on film 😦

Nacho’s team won 18-0 and Bubba 14-0.  Ty’s game was scheduled for later that evening, but got cancelled due to lightning.  We had a good time though.  We spent most of the evening with Shana and Trico and their 4 kids. 

These were taken at half-time during Nate’s game.  He looks tired….

Sunday was spent shopping (me) and sleeping (DH).  We also watched “Our Family Wedding” and enjoyed some family time at home before starting a new week.  The kids go back to the full school days and regular school schedule.  Nacho and Bubs are on different buses now and in different schools.  *sigh*

How was your weekend?