I have not been knitting as much as I should.  I have ALOT of UFO languishing in the pile of “TO-Do”s.  For Shame!

Anyway, I managed to finish a baby blanket.  Yes, a blanket.  Ok, ok, it was for someone, Jessica, to be exact.  Her brother and his wife was having a baby boy and she was flying out April 9th for the shower.  She called me about 3 weeks prior to leaving asking me to make this for her.  She actually called me a couple of days before I left for Vegas.  With the help of the very kind, very talented Chris M. and her magical knitting machine, it’s finished!

Drumroll please……

The deets:

Yarn: LionBrand CottonEase
5 balls, 1 in each color.  Rust, blue, cream, green, and mustard (not the actual color names)
Needle size: US9 and US10

And just to show you how big this thing is:

And a closeup:

Thank you Chris. You are my hero.

I’m in the awkard in between projects stage.  I don’t know what to cast on.  I guess I ought to finish my 5+ shawls, or my 4+hats, or my I-forgot-how-many socks.  Um, nah….

Happy Knitting!