Whew.  It’s been a busy week.  Fun and hectic.

This past weekend I went to knit with my poly sisters, watched a movie with the kiddos, went to the outlet to shop, went to watch THREE flag football games.  I’ll post about that later.

This post is to show you the pictures I’ve had in the queue since Lai’s birthday.  This was the weekend Aunty Mem and the girls were visiting from S. Carolina.  The weekend before I left for Vegas.  (I know, I’m so behind)…

Anyway, on to the pics…

Chuck E. Cheeeeeeesssseeeee…..

She got a wand-tutu-tiara set from her Uncle Gordon.  And a BUNCH of goodies from Mem, Mom, Mom and Dad (in Missouri), and us.  And of course, lots of lovin….

Markita, Lai, and Jessi.

We spent some time outside on Friday (I took the day off).  We went to our little park and hung out.  Tossed around the football…

Tyler always makes this face when he throws the ball.  He’s looking more and more like his daddy.

Jessi “throws like a girl”  hehehe

Markita and her self-portraits.  She’s turned into a lovely young lady.  One who’s mama and whole family can be proud of.  Mem, you are doing a wonderful job with your girls.

Me and my sweet FOUR yo.

It was a memorable weekend. I wish you couldv’e shared it with us.