I made it home ok.  Thank you for praying.  I caught the red-eye to Cincinnati, which is a HUGE airport, by the way, then took a small plane to Nashville.  I’m exhausted.

I got home and spent some time with the kids and napped off and on all day.

I’m grateful to be home, and dreading going back to work so soon.  I wish I had another day to recoop.  Oh well, life goes on.

I took some pics of my trip and wanted to share with you:

Here’s Dad the night I arrived:

He was worse than the last time I saw him in July.  Along with his constant stomach pain, and stroke effects, his right leg is now completely immobile from the knee down and the left is beginning to do the same.  Walking is tremendously cumbersome for him and tedious for us.  Talking is also a very tiring chore for him.  All he can manage are incomprehensible grunts that are not easily understood.  He has to repeat himself more than once anytime he says anything,  frustrating us and him especially.  It’s quite sad to see my Dad this way.  Not the man I remember growing up.  The fun-loving, happy, strong superhero he once was is now just a frail old turtle.  He’s still in there though.  We spent almost every night talking and his sense of humor remains. His wit and charm is still apparent in his eyes and laugh.  It’s comforting to know that some things don’t change.

Here he is after the haircut I gave him Tuesday night:

We rented a car and drove to California to see a doctor at a Wellness Center in Costa Mesa.  A place he found online.

It was just me and Dad on the 4-hour drive to SoCal.  He napped while I listened to music and we chatted here and there.  Well, mostly I did the talking and he would laugh and chuckle at my stories.  He gets a kick out of the stories of his grandchildren.  It was good quality time.  I was worried about him traveling so far, but he was ok when we arrived at the hotel.

We spent the night at a hotel a mile from the wellness center since we had to be there first thing the next morning.  We ate some Denny’s takeout (we don’t have Denny’s in Nashville) for dinner, soup for Dad and the Grand Slam for me, 😉  and turned in for the night early.

We got up at 6 am allowing for my companion’s slow progress, and had enough time for breakfast at Carl’s Jr (also none in Nashville).  Did I mention I gained five pounds in Vegas?  Really.

Anyway,it  turns out, my Dad’s research on the center was not what he expected.  It was a place where they practice hollistic medicine.  Dad was interested in the fact that they do not use conventional drugs nor surgery in their treatment, but what he did not expect was that 1) insurance does not cover their treatment, it is paid for by the patient, 2) they work with the patient’s primary physician’s overall plan.  My dad does not currently have a primary care physician….  ya….

Anyway, the doctor wrote out a plan for what they can do for Dad, saying all the while, it may not work for him.  The total cost?  … Let’s just say, I had to pick my jaw off the floor.  (It was in the 5 digits range)

Needless to say, we bolted outta there.  They did take some of his blood to run a full test.  So at least we can find out what’s going on with him.

We checked out of the hotel and left Costa Mesa disappointed and a little perturbed. I should have done  the research on this place myself.  I did glance at their website prior to going to Vegas to see what it was, but did not really read all the info.  It’s my fault.

Anyway, on our way out of California, we made a couple of stops.  One was to see my BIL Grodin and his daughter Kailey.  He was driving home from Rancho Cucamonga with Kailey and Dad and I were on the 91 heading in the opposite direction.  So we met halfway at, you guessed it, Denny’s.  We spent over an hour chatting and catching up, playing tic-tac-toe with Kailey and listening to her many stories, mostly tattling on her dad and her cousins.  Heehee, good ole Kailey.  If you ever need to know something about a certain someone, Kailey would know.  🙂  She’s really smart and very observant.  I love that little girl!

In Hesperia, we stopped to see my old friends The Joneses.

Stay tuned for the rest….

Dinner beckons.


P.S. <——— HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!——–>