This week’s a doozy.  Whew, glad it’s ending.  Friday is my “Control-ALT-Delete” day.  The reset-your-everything-day…  I love me some Friday. 🙂

Anyway,  I wanted to pop in and show some love.  🙂

Tyler and his football team had their lift-a-thon last Friday.  This is their annual fundraising event for their equipment.  I went with Gordo this year and cheered our Tyler on! Woohoo!…  That’s 2 big plates on the bar )and a couple little ones), thank you.  I think it’s about 230 or something.  Yikes.

This is my Mom and Lai-lai seeing Bubs and Nacho off at the bus stop early Monday morning.  So cute.

We’ve been getting some outside playtime this week.  The weather’s getting warmer and the kids are loving it.

It’s Spring Break for all the kids this week.  They’ll be going to the gym everyday with their Dad.  And hanging out with their mama at night.  We’ll probably spend some time crafting or drawing.  I can’t wait….

There’s rain in the forecast for the weekend. It looks like another movie weekend.  And some serious cuddle time.  Yay!

On the knitting front, I casted off my Woodland shawl and I need to block it.  Pics of that soon!  I’m almost done on an infinity loop in some yummy silk yarn a bought for cheap online.  I will be starting a baby item for Sara’s baby.  She’s due in a couple months.  I better get a move on that.  What are you working on?

Well, lovies, have a happy knitting/vegging/cuddling weekend!