Are you wondering where I am?  Do you miss me?

I miss you.  I’m here.  Busy as usual.  A little more tired.  And suffering some guilt for neglecting my poor little blog.  Forgive me?

Last week was a blur.  I can tell you though that I had some Mommy time last Saturday.  We watched “It’s Complicated” at the theatre, then hit up JoAnn’s and Ross.  DH took the kids to the mall for some shoe-shopping.  How sweet is that?  The movie was hilariously good, mom and I enjoyed it immensely.  Good date move.

DH also took Sunday night and Monday night off.  Our Super Bowl Sunday was spent here at home with some home-cooking and just some good-ole family time.  Mom even came over. GO SAINTS!  That was a good game, wasn’t it?

I took today off from work because it snowed again last night.  Scaredy cat (me) did not want to drive.  And I wanted to be home with my honey and the kiddos (school got cancelled today too).

Speaking of school, the county has used up all their “snow days” and may have to make up for it by having school on one of the upcoming holidays (like President’s Day).  Usually they make up their lost days at the end of the school year (into the summer).  Either way, they have a day to make up.  So far.

Ok, it’s almost 11pm.  I have some pics to share, but it must wait until tomorrow. Here’s a cute little video of the cute little people of mine in the meantime.

*They’re singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.  (Lai’s singing “Hey So System…”  heehee)

Good night.