We don’t get much snow here in the south.  We may get an inch or two a year, if we’re lucky.  The first year we were here, they had a storm that brought 8 inches of soft, fluffy snow.  It was glorious!  Ever since then, 7 years now, we haven’t had a good snow storm.  Last night, a storm from the west brought us 5 inches!!!! Not only were the kids off from school, but my department shut down at 11:00 yesterday, Friday, and everyone was sent home.  It was a great start to a very white weekend.

It’s so pretty.

Anyhoo, we ventured out today for some yarn and some groceries.  The roads were crunchy and everyone was being extra careful on the roads (since you can’t see the curb, or the painted lines in the street 😛 )

When we got home, we all played in the snow!  The kids have been bugging us all day to play outside.  The kids had a blast.

They wanted to go sledding.  Since we don’t own a sled, the boys each grabbed a lid from the storage bins we keep in the garage and went sledding ghetto-style!  We crossed the street to our neighbor’s REALLY sloped backyard:

This storm brought snow for the first 10 hours or so, then came sleet and rain.  Then more snow.  So the stuff on the ground was not soft and fluffy like the storm of 03.  This had a hard crunchy layer about an inch thick on top of the softer snow.  Hence no snowman.  We did try though.  After trying to remove the compacted snow to get to the softer stuff,  my fingers were throbbing, and I couldn’t handle more ice on my fingers. Brrrr…  It was fun though, even without a snowman 🙂

Today was a good day.