My mom asked me to knit her another pair of fingerless glove a few months ago.  I started a pair back in November, but lost it.  Don’t ask me how, I just did.

I bought this pretty yarn from my LYS last month intending for it to be a hat.

I found it at the bottom of my knitting bag and decided to use it for Mom’s gloves.

A few hours later, my Mama’s got a new pair of gloves.


I started knitting this on Saturday and bound off Sunday evening between 6 loads of laundry and cooking adobo. 🙂

It’s a fun little project that’s super easy.

If you’d like, I can post the pattern (I made it up).

Here are a few more shots (Bubba was a good sport modeling these for me)

In these photos, the thumb of one glove is not finished.  I wanted to take some quick snapshots before I lose the sun for the day.  Mom snatched these up early this morning to sew up the ends, so I probably won’t get any completed pics of the gloves.    Oh well…

She’s happy she finally got her blue gloves 🙂