I miss you, dear blog.  I’m away not by choice, promise.  I have all these posts floating in my head and all these things to share with you.   I just need the time to compose them and take proper pictures.  Soon, my friends, soon.

Sewing in the ends on a very VERY long scarf for Alf so I can send it off to him (he REALLY could use it right now!)  I’m also slowly knitting on a pair of socks for me.  I have so much in the queue.  Ay, my cup overfloweth.

Report cards came out yesterday and EVERYONE is doing very well in school. I’m so proud.

We watched Avatar on Saturday. A+ GO SEE IT, you’ll love it!

I found some pics from a few years ago.  I love finding these.

I hope your week is warm and sunny 🙂