On Christmas Eve, my good friend Chris had a beading party.  She called it “Knitter’s Eve” and invited all the crafty gals we know.  She set up her dining room table with her whole beading collection (hardware and all).  This girl has some fabulous beads, let me tell ya.  She originally wanted to have us make stitch markers, but we ended up making earrings as well.

This is what I made:

Green and red on gold hoops. These were gifted to my mom.

Red and clear with red swirls on gold.  These were gifted to mom too.

Blue and white on silver.

These are the stitch markers I made.

And my favorite.  Turquoise and red and silver!

Chris was so generous to let us play with her beads, stones, and gems (AND take them home with us!).  Yes, they were real.  She had quartz, turquoise, tourmaline, amethyst, garnets, and rubies, just to name a few…  Thank you, Chris, you are so kind.  I had so much fun that night. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Aren’t my friends great?

Here’s to good friends and the great times we share with them!