In the past few weeks, the knitting world has welcomed some newbies thanks to me (well, mostly Folole).  At my count, there are now six new knitters.  Finally, after years of knitting solo at the Polynesian gatherings, I have more than the love of food to share with my Hamo sisters.  So far, they are loving it and that is AWESOME!

Here are some pics I took at our last gathering at Folole’s house:

Sulu and my brother Gordon concentrating on their hats.

Meghann workin on her scarf in her snuggie.

Ano is a pro at continental knitting. GO ANO!

And the newest recruit, Irene, all the way from Texas.

So awesome.

On other news, today was my first day at my new job.  The people there are so nice and laid back.  I think I will fit well there.

Thanks to everyone for the support and prayers on my job situation

Love you guys.