Remember this post about curtains?  Well, my crafty mama (who did not see that post by the way) put her collection of scarves to use and put this up:

Isn’t that awesome?

I know what you’re thinking.  So that’s where Lette gets her craftiness from!  Well, yes, and no.  You see, I may be crafty in knitting, crocheting, and drawing, but my mama is so much more.  She sews.  She’s handy with power tools, or ANY tool for that matter.  She draws and paints. She crochets.  She’s articulate. She cooks a mean adobo.  She can organize any mess you put her in.  AND she’s beautiful.  Ok, maybe all those things are not crafty, but that is part of what makes my mama the best. 

And, no, you can’t have her.


Ok, we can share.


*A little side note, my mom crochet the most wickedest doilies EVER when she was younger! She even crocheted herself a couple of dresses.  I have a picture of her in them somewhere.  I’ll post it soon.  Isn’t she great?

Love you, mom!