With Thanksgiving around the corner and a grateful heart, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone.  We have received texts, emails, messages on various sites expressing sympathy and condolences to my sister and the rest of the family here. We were overwhelmed by the all the love and prayers poured out to us, for us.  It has definitely helped. 

My best friend from high school who works for Samoa News, also did a memorial ad in the Friday November 13th issue.  You can see the issue online HERE.  (The ad is on the right).  Thank you Carly, you so rock!

There were also people who donated to help with the burial costs.  Thank you. 

We have felt all the answers to your prayers as I watch Lloyda heal.  It’s amazing how powerful prayer truly is.  God is so good.

I pray you all are well, and that God blesses you ten-fold for all the love you have given us.


~L & Family