Thank you, Jesus!

I had conference Wednesday and Thursday for work. 

I came by today to share some new pics.  And some knitting.



Lai and Mom rode the train home with me last week.  They loved it.


He’s such a HAM!


The Mr. sportin the hat I knitted him (to match the floppy hat I made a couple of posts back)


Nacho’s holding an itty-bitty preemie hat for little Kit.  The ends have since been sewn in (thanks Mom!) and will be on his itty-bitty head soon.  I’ll post pics of that!

This weekend starts the play0ffs for Ty.  They’re playing Oakland tonight.  Bubba’s team is in the second round and will be playing Antioch tomorrow afternoon. 

The rest of the weekend is open for lots of playtime and family time.

What are you doing?