Happy Monday Family and Friends!

This past weekend was a blast!

First, we had a dance for Bubba’s football league on Friday night.  Bubba and Nacho dressed up in their costumes and had a ball dancing the night away.


Bubba was MJ and Nacho was BATMAN….

Saturday, Bubba’s team played Spring Hill.  It was an exciting game!  It was the first game of the play-offs.  We won 27-21.  It was almost an upset.  Our boys pulled out a win in the last 2 minutes!  Maria and Lloyda came out to watch and we were yelling our heads off!  It was INTENSE!

Saturday night we all drove to Chris’ house for a party.  I took the kids trick-r-treating in her neighborhood. (It’s a nice subdivision in Mount Juliet).  The kids had fun walking around and knocking on people’s doors.  LaiLai kept saying “Tank yew, Mommy, fo tayting me tit-oh-teet!” Adorable.  And she wasn’t shy in the least bit to say “Titt-OH-Teeet” to Chris’ neighbors, and she even yelled “Tant Yew!” after they handed her candy.  Nacho was the shy one, speaking softly and standing behind his little sister.  Ty helped me with the little ones, he held Nacho’s hand and I held Lai’s as we walked down the streets.  DH stayed at Chris’ while I was with the kids. 

DH took Lai to Mom’s after a couple of hours.  She didn’t have anyone her age to play with, and she was a bit afraid of Chris’ doggies.  We spent the rest of the evening enjoying good food and good company.  We played dominoes, while the kids played Wii.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  I wish you all could’ve been there too…..

Now on to the pics:
I was a “knocked-up GHETTO Toof-Fairy”, with my Baby Toof-Fairy, and Big Daddy Toof!


Chris the GLADIATOR!

Kris and Annie (Gypsy Vamp and Medusa!)


Doug and Denise (WoW characters, I forget the names)


Kris and Ty (Oh look! It’s Bella and Jacob!) hahahaha


Kelly was Mother Nature.


It was a long fun night for everyone.  THANKS CHRIS!

How was your weekend?