Little Kit(ten) is doing great.  According to mommy, he is breathing at 21% (a very good thing!)  On Sunday night, the nurse said that he was really fussy, moving around and whimpering/crying.  So much so, that he had taken his oxygen mask off, pulled his line out and wiggled out of his little blue cuff (in the picture above).  Poor little man was hungry.  They decided to start feeding him formula (since mommy’s milk hasn’t come yet) through his line.  And lo and behold, he stopped fussing.  This news has made me so happy, you have no idea.  “Eating” formula (or breastmilk) is an awesome sign!  I have a feeling this boy will be coming home sooner than expected.  At this rate, anyway. 

They also did a spinal tap to check for signs of infection in his nervous system and spine.  It’s all clear. HALLELUJAH! 

Lloyda was even able to change his diaper twice.  You should see the size of those things by the way.  Tineee-TINY. 


This is him under the light to prevent jaundice.  See his little hairy back?  So adorable.  He’s even sportin some snazzy eye protection “shades”. squeee!




Thanks Chris and Regan for your comments.  You two are so awfully sweet, sometimes I wonder how I could be so lucky to have friends like you.

I’ll keep you posted on any new developments.