My baby sister Lloyda gave birth to a baby boy this past Saturday.


We had originally thought she was 16 weeks along, but according to the nurses at the hospital, she was more like 26 weeks.  We will never really know for sure.

It was a scary experience for everyone involved.  Baby came quickly and is now in the NICU at Centennial Hospital (the best in the region for preemies). 

I got a call from a nurse at Southern Hills Hospital early Saturday morning (6:30am).  She told me that my sister is having her baby and to come to the hospital RIGHT NOW!  I hurried out the door, calling my mom and brother to come over and stay with my kids (Danny was at work).  The drive over was torture.  All I kept thinking was “It’s too early, it’s too early, it’s too early”…  I was minutes away from the hospital when the nurse called back.  She told me to just head over to Centennial Hospital (about 15 miles away) where they are transporting her via ambulance (both calls, I heard Lloyda in the background screaming in pain!)  I took the quickest route I knew and arrived at Centennial the same time as the ambulance.  I saw them wheel her in on the guerney as I was running from the parking lot.  I asked a couple of people where they wouldv’e taken her and took the elevator to the fifth floor.  As soon as the door opened, I could hear Lloyda yelling down the hall and the nurse at the front desk told me that I could not go in.  I stood at the door and the room got quiet.  I was so nervous.  When they finally let me in, I walked into the room to see 5-6 other people in there and my poor little sister in her bed.  She started crying uncontrollably.  A nurse was at her side consoling her.  That same nurse said that babies born 26 to 28 weeks have a 95-98% chance of survival.  Amazing.  The baby was in the small bed for the newborns while two nurses hovered over him.  I couldn’t see him at first, but when they wheeled in another bed with a plexiglass enclosure, the two nurses moved aside so that baby can be moved into that bed.  HE WAS TINY!  At first glance I saw Lloyda’s face.  He was dark-complected and quite normal-looking.  They had him wrapped in plastic and a nurse held a oxygen pump to his little face.  And off he went into the NICU.

We didn’t get to see him for another 2 hours.  When we finally did, Lloyda and I got to touch him and really see him.  He’s a miracle. 

Let me introduce you to Francisco Kitiona:


This little guy will be in the NICU for about 10 weeks.  They will not release him until he can breathe on his own.  Lloyda was kept in the hospital for 2 nights (she gets out today). 

It’ll be a long road, but he will not be alone.  We’re looking forward to holding him and watching him grow into a strong, healthy man. 

Congratulations, Lloyda!  Welcome to mommy-hood.


Birth measurements:
2 lbs. 10 oz.
14.5 inches long


Happy Birthday, little Kit!

We love you.

~Aunty Lette