Last week’s catastrophes have been dominating my thoughts thus affecting my mood, which in turn controls my actions.  I’ve been in a sombre mood to say the least.  I’ve been thinking alot lately.  Thinking about how blessed we are to be living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Where healthcare is readily available, and where if you are in need, there are ways to find help and get it too, even if you are not a citizen of this country.  God bless America.

My kids have been a great motivation to bring things back to a sense of normalcy.  They hold no grudges, nor fear, nor pain.  They seem to gravitate constantly toward happiness and awe.  The world is their playground.  Kids make everything better, don’t they? They are a reminder that life goes on. 

So, last Friday I was able to take Bubbs and Nate to their Fall Festival at school.  I followed them around as they played all the games and won prizes.  Bubba even sang karaoke in front of the crowd in the cafeteria.  He did well, and wasn’t shy.  I know he didn’t get that from me.  The song? Smooth Criminal by MJ.  That kid loves him some MJ!



 Unfortunately we were only able to stay an hour.  Ty had a varsity game that night against Lebanon.  It was a packed stadium that night.  We won 52-13.  We are still undefeated at 6-0!  The boys are doing a wonderful job this season.   DSCN1296
Ty’s #32 (in front of 81)- see his knee brace?  😦

Bubba’s team won too, against Bordeaux on Saturday.  I didn’t go to that game. Nate, Lai and I went with mom yard saleing.  I scored some pretty cool deals.  I’ll share that later.

Sunday we went to church and had Chinese buffet for lunch.  My poor DH worked all 7 days last week, but still managed to spend time with us, coach Bubba’s team, attend Ty’s game, go to church, and eat Sunday dinner with us.  I love this man…


How’s your week going?