So I’ve got the knitting bug again.  I was starting to worry that I would be forever staring at my HUGE yarn stash in my bedroom and NEVER be able to use up all that beautiful yarn! 

Over the weekend I found this. It was on Ravelry and I thought of making some of my own.  I didn’t follow the pattern, but really it’s just an i-cord with 3 stitches knitted around and around until the length I liked and bound off. 


I doubled the yarn using both ends of the yarn balls and used two size10.5 double-pointed needles.  The i-cord measured 8 inches after bind-off.

I haven’t decided how to join the ends, but for now i just tied a knot and braided the tails and wrapped it around and around… Yeah.


What do you think?

I knitted a couple for Lai (TOO CUTE!) I’ll take pics soon and share with you.

And today’s the first day of FALL!

Happy Fall, y’all!