Happy Monday!

Healing nicely. Thank you Jesus.

This past weekend rained and rained.  It was a very nice weekend regardless.  Ty’s game Friday night was in Hendersonville.  It was a tough one for the boys.  They went into TWO overtimes and the second was delayed 30 minutes because of lightning (only in the south!).  We won! It was so nerve-racking and exciting and arrrrggghhh. Yeah.   I was still a little feverish that night but really wanted to come out and support the team.  The little ones, thankfully were with my mom….

Saturday I stayed home all day, because of the weather.  Nate developed a fever late in the afternoon (he stayed home today from school).  Bubba won his game too.  DH is also under the weather.  (So much for the no-kissing-rule! He still got sick).  sigh….

Anyway, after folding laundry (SIX loads) in front of the TV and cleaning and hanging out, the kids and I turned the TV off and spent some time together.  We brought out our drawing supplies, set up on the dinner table and went at it.  I really enjoy this time with the kids.  Fortunately, they all love to draw too.  It was so sweet.





Nate was explaining his drawing.  It’s the Xmen guys and a rainbow 🙂

Ty’s cartoon drawing of Nate.

“Mommy, I was being silly and I colored a blue horse.  THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A BLUE HORSE! hahahaha”

I love it!

Anyway, I doodled a little, but was enjoying watching my kids draw with such intensity and concentration.  It’s so wonderful to me that they love what I love. 

On other news:
I started KNITTING again! Or rather, I’ve been actually WANTING to knit again.  I’ve completed a few small items and they are so cute! I’ll share with you later. 

Love ya!