I have the flu.

It sucks rocks.

I didn’t go to work Wednesday and Thursday and spent the day napping and sweating.  Not fun.

Anyway, I feel better today.  Not 100%, but definitely better. 

So what’s been going on at chez lette?  Well, there’s the always entertaining in-house-kindergarten-extraordinaire-NACHO!  He’s full of stories and jokes.  Last night Ty was kind enough to help him with his homework (he also cooked dinner, washed dishes, and gave Nacho a bath).  I can see Ty smiling the whole time!  I even got Ty to film the conversation Nacho and Gords were having at the dinner table.  Gords and Ty were giggling up a storm.  I wish you could have a chat with this little guy, it’ll make your day.

There are no big plans for this weekend.  Ty’s game is tonight in Hendersonville, and Bubb’s is tomorrow at 4:00.  The forecast says there’s going to be rain.

What’s new with  you?