Hello Monday.

Ty’s game was so exciting. Gords, Lloyda, Maria, and Maria’s niece came to the game last Friday.  We WON!  It was a close one. 21-20.  At half time, we were up 14-6, but the last quarter the other team scored off of 2 interceptions.  It was a nail-biter….

Home side.  It was a sad turnout for the other team (part of that crowd was our fans, who didn’t have any place to sit because it was so crowded on our side)


Our side.  AND we had 28 cheerleaders!!!!!



I wish you were there.  It was a perfect night for football.  70’s with a light breeze.  

Earlier that day we took the birthday boy out to eat at this new all-you-can eat Japanese restaurant just a couple of miles from our house.



O and B were there too!


Good times.


Full and happy….

Saturday was Bubba’s game.  They lost to Goodlettsville again.  Not a very happy day for DH and Bubs.  😦

I didn’t go with the guys to Hendersonville for the game, I attended my first ever Pamper*d Chef party at Chris’ house.  If I had the $, I would so redo my kitchenwares with nothin but this stuff.  It’s so cool!

Sunday we spent cleaning and relaxing.  We got our weekly food shopping done and let the kiddos play outside.  It was a nice day.

I have more to share, check back later!

Love love