I’m here.  I’ve been meaning to blog, but time keeps slipping away from me.  My apologies for not posting.  I really wanted to. Really.

Anyway, we had family over this past weekend.  Epe (Happy), his wife Steph, and 4 kids (Sam, 15, AJ, 10, Eric, 7, and Iose, 2) stayed with us from Friday until yesterday (Monday) afternoon.  We kept them busy with a trip to the Wave Pool, downtown Nashville, Centennial Park, and Opryland Hotel.

They seemed to enjoy our little city and I had fun hanging out with them and playing tour guide.  The kids had a blast together and the guys (DH and Epe)  had stayed up late every night reminiscing and catching up.  Steph and I spent alot of time together, getting to know each other more.  It was a nice visit. 

And I am POOPED. 

I have a ton of pics to share but I have yet to upload my pics, so I’ll post those asap.

I’m going to attempt a nap.