Work’s been hectic this week.  And so has the home-life.  We are having visitors over this weekend, so I am trying to squeeze in some cleaning.

I haven’t touched my knitting in over 3 weeks.  I KNOW!  Maybe that’s why I’ve been stressing out.  But, I have been reading.  I finished book 2 of the Twilight saga, New Moon, and Kelly lent me book 3 to start.  It’s waiting for me in my bag.  I’m really getting into these books.  Is that wrong?  A little immature, maybe?  Nah.

I have also been busy looking at old photos.  They bring back so many memories.  You wanna see?

Senior Prom.  That’s me wearing white with some of my best friends (from left: Alice, Marsh, and Carly)

Samoan week (senior year). That’s me on the end in the brown.  Check out the bangs!

Me and my brothers at Lion’s Park.

Alice, Nikki, and me.  Baccalaureate 1991.

High school was a blast for me.  For the most part.  I had awesome friends, a strict mom, and good teachers.  And, I lived on an ISLAND! We were surrounded by the ocean and we didn’t have to lock our doors (altho we did).  It was ideal.  Something I wish for my kids.  It was such a small island, in fact, that I have found a lot of my old friends from high school and beyond through online networking sites.  It’s truly amazing.

Oh, the strict mom thing?  It was a blessing.  I hated it at the time. My friends were out galavanting and partying, while I stayed home.  But in retrospect, it was the best for me.  Lord knows the kind of trouble I would’ve gotten into.  I shudder to think.

Anyway, I have a mountain of laundry to tackle and clutters to organize. Please pray for me 🙂

Have a great night.