It’s been a whirlwind here.  I’m so exhausted!

First, there was football:


We were in Smyrna for both Saturday and Sunday for this tournament Bubbs played in (DH coaches).  They won! Champions!

It was a great weekend weather-wise, as well.  80’s and mild.  The kids even got some playground time at the field. 

I also had dinner with an old friend.  “Old” as in: I met her 22 years ago! In 7th grade.  She was actually my best friend and the only white girl in our class.  I loved her in 7th grade and rekindled our friendship yesterday at buffet with both our families!  She has 6 kids.  So we have ALOT in common. 

Anyway, I have more to share. Just no time.

I’ll be back later with more pics!

Happy Monday!