Friday night….

Dad and Tofa dropped me off at Maricar’s for a small gathering and to spend the night with Marsh.  Tami, Yolanda, Icz, Marsh and I hung out until 3 the next morning.  Nikki showed up around 2.

Marsh, Icz, and I got up around noon and went to Chinatown to have lunch, then we went to the airport to pick up Marsh’s eldest son Beav, who was flying in from visiting his dad in Utah (flying home with his mama).  Then some shopping at the Outlet Mall.  I forgot my camera at Icz’ house, so no pics of that day 😦  We dropped Icz off at home so she could finish making dinner for her hubby and Marsh, Beav and I went to find a garment bag for the wedding dress…  Scored one from David’s Bridal (they were closing, and I worked my magics to buy one from them, only a little begging was required!)

We had dinner at Del Taco and they dropped me off at Dad’s.  The goodbyes were quick and virtually painless.  Just the way I like it.  I do hope they visit again next year.

Sunday: Dad, Aunty Doris, Suzanne and lil Gil went to church.  It’s a beautiful Catholic church located on the strip, right across the street from the Encore Hotel and Casino.  It is a beautiful building (I’ll blog about it later)….

The rest of the day was spent shopping, after a delicious lunch from Carl’s Jr. (There aren’t any in TN).  Teriyaki Burger,mmmmmm….

I tried to get a tattoo, but the place was closed.  😦 Next time…

My last night I spent it with Aunty Doris.  She’s such a sweet person. Giving, loving, and very kind.  She cried letting me know that she will miss me.  We ate at Panda Express and hit up Wally World and the 99 cent store (we don’t have this store either).  And Dad?  He stayed home to console Suzanne, after some drama.  I’ll refrain from the details on this part of the trip, since I want to remember the positive. 

Alrighty then.

I stayed up all night again, scared that I will miss that first flight out of Vegas.  Nikki was kind enough to take me to the airport.  Goodbyes with my Dad, Aunty Doris, and lil Gil were short and sweet as well….

All in all, a great trip.  My dad will be ok for a while.  He and I had a few heart-to-heart talks about his well-being and my concern for him.  He’s so far away that I worry so much about him.  He tried to reassure me that he will be alive for a long time, but I know better.  I just pray that this wasn’t my last time seeing him.  😦


This weekend starts the madness that is FOOTBALL.  Tonight, Ty has a scrimmage game against Oakland.  He will be suited up, but I don’t think he will be getting much play time.

Bubba has a game tomorrow afternoon. 

In the morning, I’m planning to go thrifting with Mom.  I’ve missed my mama…..

Have a great weekend, friends!