went something like this:

I arrived in Vegas after one stop in Houston.  Both flights were crowded. From Nashville, I got stuck between a couple (the husband was huge) and from Houston I sat at the window with 2 meauli ladies next to me jabbering in their southern twang: “Oh MY GARAH!” “Oh no she di-in!”  A memorable experience to say the least….

Nikki-doo picked me up and he took me to dine at my first ever DIM SUM!



After dinner, Nikki and I went to Maricar’s house to hang with Marsh and Ics.  We ended up staying up all night, ending our visit for the night/morning at Denny’s.

Nikki dropped me off at Dad’s at 7 the next morning.  We had some toast and coffee then off to shopping at Ross…

There was supposed to be a party at Ics’ house later that night, but plans fell through, so I just hung out with Dad.  Dad and I ate here:


Hawaiian BBQ!!!

This is what I ate:

DSCN0806Teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef and MUSUBI! Mmmmm… Musubi….

I stayed up 42 hours that day! I finally crashed at midnight…


Indoor Swap Meet!

So much to look at!

DSCN0816Bought lots of goodies…

Part 2 coming up…

Good night my lovelies!