Tomorrow I will be flying to Las Vegas.  I’ll be gone for 6 days.  It’s not a vacation, per se, I’m going to check on Dad and make sure he is ok.  Tofa (his baby-mama) called me when I was in Myrtle Beach July 4th and informed me of the latest developments.  Apparently he suffered another stroke (his third) and refused to go to the hospital.  I guess he researched some home remedies for this and sequestered Aunty Doris and Susan to doing the massages for him.  He cannot talk, nor walk, but insists via email that he is ok.  Dad, YOU ARE NOT OK.  So, my main mission is to get him to a doctor.  Whether by force or trickery.  No matter the cost.  He is quite stubborn.

Anyway, I’ll try to post from there. Please pray for him and for traveling mercies for me (I’ve been really nervous about flying for this trip.)

Last night, I made a special dinner and baked brownies for Bubba’s birthday.



It’s his last year in the single digits.  Sigh….