Our Gabriel was born July 20, 2000.  Our only baby born in California.  He was a whooping 8 lbs. 15 oz.  My largest baby.  When he was born, he did not cry, and his eyes were open and bright.  He didn’t like to be swaddled and stretched his legs often (liking the space he finally had).  Such a sweet baby, easy to please and smiling always.

Everyone, especially Ty’s friends loved Bubba.  They played with him and let him tag along with them when they played together.  Bubba is the life of the party.

At daycare, he would be the last one at the table.  All the other children are off and playing while Bubba sat and enjoyed every morsel until his plate was clean.  Often times, he would fall asleep in his chair holding his spoon or a bite of food.

Copy of BubbanMe
Bubba had his own special language.  One that only Ty can translate. 

Bubba was not shy.  He was always friendly and smiling.

He has grown to love football.  His first year was hard for him.  It was the first year of school and football, a difficult adjustment for anyone. 



My little g.

Clumsy or just active?  Maybe both.

He was missing his front teeth for a long time (longer than normal).  But he was happy when they finally came in….

Our little dancing Filipino (the only one so far)


Happy, Happy 9th, my sweet Bubba!