for the whole week.

The kids have no football (or any sports for that matter), DH’s company is on “shut-down” (no work), and this weekend is the fourth of July.  Naturally I wanted to be off too.

So we will be watching movies and driving down to South Carolina to hang with Uncle Will and Aunty Mem.

Today we took the kids to the theater and caught a show.  The new installment of Transformers.  So. Much. Action.  I liked it.  Optimus Prime is one bad mother…  There have been mixed reviews about this one.  RT critics were not too kind with their review of this movie.  So I say, go and see it for yourself.  You may be surprised 🙂

Uncle Will was here all last week.  He drove his motorcycle all the way from S. Carolina (5 hours).  Brave man.  It was a nice visit.  We were spoiled with his cooking.  And it was GOOD!

Last week was freakin hot.  This week we have some relief with weather in the 80’s.  Perfect for a vacation.  We may drive down to the coast and enjoy some ocean breeze….

Now for some pics:




We attended a birthday party (b’day boy with Bubba) which, thankfully, involved a pool.

I visited the library today while DH and kiddos played at the park.  I picked up this. I really wasn’t looking for another book to start.  I was curious and picked this up to read the first few pages. Next thing I knew, it was page 13.


The knitting is suffering in this heat.  Nothing new to report there. Sorry.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!