Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I’ve been surfing the nets and lurking around in blogworld. Trying to get inspired to organize my craft supplies / clutter in my bedroom/office/yarnroom.  It’s going to be a huge job, but I REALLY want a beautiful room I can escape to/ relax in.  Clutter makes me irritable and frustrated.  And my bedroom is c.l.u.t.t.e.r.e.d.  So after some clicking of the mouse  and hours of eye strain….

Here’s what I found:

I love the white.  It looks clean and bright.  Like a blank canvas.

I love the clear drawers (right), the different “stations” utilizing all 3 walls, and THAT RUG!

This looks like a frugal way to add wall storage.  And the mounts on this wall leave you with many options on how many shelves you want, how far apart, etc…

Great idea for the kids.  I love me some butcher paper!
The website says: “You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a storage-packed hobby area. A simple piece of plywood on two painted nightstands does the trick. Drawers and bins add convenient storage below the work surface, while pullouts add additional work space.” 


I also like these ideas:

A plate rack!  Note the buckets hanging from hooks mounted onto the rack shelf.  Genius. 

I love how every bit of space is used. The back of the cabinet doors in this salvaged medicine cabinet has a pegboard to hang tape, rubber bands, etc.

An armoire!   Again, the doors’ inside surface is being utilized. AND you shut the doors and your craft room is out of sight and disguised as a beautiful piece of furniture.

If you have any cool, thrifty ideas for organizing a craft room, please share. 



*All images from (betterhomesandgardens)