Sorry for my fit yesterday, the weather is better today (there was some rain and thunder this morning, but not like yesterday). Everyone’s fine.  There were just reports of fallen trees and some minor damage. 


The evenings here have been warm and balmy.  We are spending time outside with the kids. It reminds me of growing up in Samoa.  The weather, the outside play.  I remember being outside more than being in.  I rode my bike, ran around with the neighborhood kids (mostly boys), climbed trees (I was an expert monkey), picked fruit and ate it fresh off the branch, caught tadpoles, dug up dirt and played hide and seek, tag, red rover, dodgeball, handball, kickball…  We were very active.  

There was a guava tree in the front yard along with a papaya tree which was off-limits to us kids, and a mango tree on each side of the house (including the back).  We would climb to pick the fruits of these trees, shake the branches, and even learned how to throw rocks to get the high ones (the good ones) to fall.  Getting these fruits down was the source of alot of laughter.  No one ever got seriously hurt, thank God, besides some little scratches and bruises.  It was so fun.

Besides not having fruit trees, I think kids can enjoy the simple fun we had as kids.  It doesn’t have to involve  a lot of planning or money.  Just get outside. Plant a garden, play with water guns, catch fireflies, go on a nature walk, whatever.  Just unplug the xboxplaystationnintendoIpod-thingies and get dirty/sweaty/wet.  It’ll be fun and your kids will remember it fondly. 


We’re having a Happy, Happy Summer. 

We hope you are too!