I’m just popping in to say hello.

I’m in a knitting rut.  Again.  For the last 3 days I have managed to squeeze out about 2 lace repeats to and from work, on the train (each repeat has 16 rows).  And that’s all.  I have about one third left on the shawl.  😛

I received great news yesterday.  I GOT MY WAIVER! (For those of you close to me, you should know what that means, if not, call me).

Anyhoo, that’s what’s happenin’ here at chez Lette.  Not much excitement.  Poor DH has been working 12 hour shifts this week and last.  Bubba is attending football camp at Ty’s school this week.  The little ones (Nacho and Lai) had fevers this morning.  Mom is giving them motrin every four hours.  Hopefully, they’re better tomorrow.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some pics.

Happy Hump Day!


Pretty flowers in Mom’s garden