My blog anniversary (blogiversary) was on the 4th, last Thursday.  For all of May I was racking my brain for a really cool/fun anniversary post.  As the 4th approached I was still drawing a blank as to how to mark this milestone for my little blogity-blog.  Did you notice there wasn’t even a post on the 4th?  It wasn’t exactly intentional.  It just TOTALLY slipped my mind.  Dude.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary my BLOG!  And thank you dear reader for coming back here to check on us through this last year.  It’s been a blast coming up with blog posts and finding myself taking pictures of everything I deem blog-worthy.  I’ve had fun deciding and putting them together for all y’all. 

So here’s a little photo montage of the past year

812008100_7657laitrain100_5542100_8011laiandme100_8495100_8476Tyler on the first day of school.

So much has happened.  The good outweighs the bad by far.  And that is an awesome thing.
Here’s to another year.  One full of fun, laughter, joy, and most of all love.