I got up super early Saturday morning (6 am) to go yard-sale hopping with my mama.  Nacho came with us since he was up too and we scored some awesome deals.  I love shopping with these two.

Bubba had two games midday.  We lost the first one and won the second (Bubba scored TWO touchdowns!).  Michelle (a train friend) came out with her son Jack to hang with us at the games.  Afterwards we went out to Ryan’s and then home.  We sat outside for a few hours to let the kids play.  It was a really beautiful day.

I didn’t take any pictures though.  😦

Sunday we got up and did the usual Sunday activities. Then off to Franklin for the birthday party at 4:00.

Here are Ava and Cadence (the birthday girls):

So A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

They look like little dolls.

Daddy (Zander) and Mommy (Janine):


Grandma and Grandpa (Zander’s folks) came from Samoa for a visit.



The kids had a blast playing in the sprinklers and running around in the “playpen” (the tennis courts).  Haha

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of our folks, and they were there.  It’s always great to catch up and just chill for an afternoon.

Oh, and cheescake and lumpia!

I hope your weekend was awesome too!