My mom’s always been highly resourceful and shrewd in her crafty endeavors.  Whether it be to make a garment “from scratch” or to hem a pair of pants or to embellish a dress, she will whip up a beautiful piece out of whatever she has on hand.  I’m mighty proud of that, and quite amazed at her talent with her handiwork.  I only wish I could sew like her!

So, Monday, as usual I picked up my little people from Mom’s house and my daughter was wearing this:


“Where’s the dress from, Mom?”
Nonchalantly, she replies,”Oh, it’s the one I made.” 

Apparently, she had made this from a woman’s-size-small top she had bought from a yard sale last weekend.  She used a crochet collar from another little girl dress and attached it to the top and embellished it with a ribbon.  It was really more of a functional addition than an embellishment (she says the dress wouldn’t stay up).  And she left the top as is.



Cute, ya?

Mom insisted that I bring this back to her the next day.  She says that she isn’t finished with the collar.  I don’t see anything unfinished, but I obliged.  It’s still in her possession so I do not know what “finishing” she did, but I’ll post another pic posthaste.

Here are some more pics:
(she just woke up from her nap)



Mom, you are da BOMB!

Fo’ shizzle!

Love you bunches!